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    ALT1-C Lion riff

    replica BREMONT watches brief history is often told because it is not only interested in buyers of one of their timepieces, but also in anyone who is inspired by a successful career, enthusiastic, and humblely inspired. This is the English way (sorry, this is always inevitable). The stories of these fathers' accomplishments are offset by grief, because the father lost his father while doing his favorite flight. However, this adds more personality and personality to the two inspiring founders.

    ALT1C Lion Riff pays tribute to their father and the spitfire he helped to recover and operate. This piece of British history is now owned by Rolls Royce. Griffon is the most powerful engine among Rolls Royce engines, used to power this legendary sky.

    Sir Winston Churchill claimed: "In the field of human conflict, there have never been so many people owed so many people." Those "rarely" people flew hurricanes and spitfires during the Battle of Britain.

    The ALT1-C Lion riff is based on the first model ever designed by Giles and Nick. This watch is also the original extreme, real test prototype of Ewan McGregor and Charlie Borman (brand ambassador) in the 2007 "Long Way Down" motorcycle adventure. This is also the result of Bremont's dream in the same year. . Needless to say, the performance of the fake watches for sale is flawless.

    The symmetrical monochromatic dial is equipped with rhodium-plated hands. Since this is the "military instrument" design that the brothers originally pursued, it is extremely readable. Griffon comes with the Bremont brand's unique Trip-Tick® case, which is made of branded hardened steel (six times the hardness of the standard steel used in the industry). The diameter is comfortable 43mm, and has 100m water resistance. It comes with an excellent 22mm tactile vintage leather strap. Of course, this movement, like all Bremont watches, has passed the ISO 3159 standard chronograph.

    Griffon is a beautiful watch with an intoxicating background story. In fact, this is where it all started.

    ALT1-P2 jet

    On the surface (pun intended), ALT1-P Jet seems to follow the idiomatic techniques adopted by watch brands at this time of the year, adding new dial colors, case materials, or both to existing models. However, this new version is not the case (forgive the pun), because the original U-2/51 Jet was released to pay tribute to the stealth fighters that were forced to airlift around the world and has a close relationship with Bremont.

    With follow-up actions, ALT1-P2 Jet will be tested by aviation pioneer Gravity Industries. These brave men recently flew over Brighton Beach at 85 mph, breaking the previous record of 32 mph. This is a jet-powered person (fake luxury watches)!

    When it was released a few years ago, the U2/51 Jet was welcomed by Bremont because it was chosen when the brand's friend Tom Hardy took the lead. The new superhero movie "Venom". Tom will wear ALT1-P2 Jet in the sequel.

    Regardless of this unintentional increase in popularity, U2/51 Jet and Alt1-P Jet are amazing timepieces. The famous BremontTrip-Tick® case wears a very complete DLC jacket, which sets the ALT1-P2 Jet apart from other old-fashioned hummingbirds on the market. Originally designed for the limited edition of the P51, the vintage bronze is inspired by the brilliance of the “51” and should not be used with the contemporary invisible aesthetics of the case, but it does. Unlike other brands, Bremont admits that the luster of this artificial patina is lacking in brightness and longevity compared to standard Superluminova®. This is why Bremont has to paint a maximum of 20 layers of "51" moon. The subtle red details on the lollipop chronograph second hand and the Kendo second hand add a welcome color.

    The modified chronometer-tested movement is visible behind the smoked sapphire glass. The water resistance of the 43mm case is 100m.

    Before Tom Hardy wears it on the big screen, please order ALT1-P2 first, because after that you can rest assured that the waiting list is long, just like the U2/51 Jet when the venom is released.high quality replica watches

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