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    Person's level published to save to be drowned on the newspaper isn't enough, has occurrence while making oneself follow the business of Ni Wu, many people all the heart save hesitant, delayed the opportune moment of rescue. Water spends a burst of seethe Lonzo Ball Ucla Jersey, starts to be slowly quiet, many classmates are all frightened difficult to express, twist head to look for Liao to learn a soldier in succession, hopes that the teacher can bring the only hope. Sees ten several rice outside a men hands swing, water spends to start to concuss along with the violent impact but Tao sky, is exactly that they acquaint with matchless teacher Liao, surface may compare the speed of shark sort to visit to have an accident, deeply take a suck at spirit to sneak in water. Inside in the lake is much quieter than the lake noodles, Liao learns a soldier to look about everywhere, sees deep lake bottom of four meters a string of bubble emit to come up, leaf the jade tiger and shell Xiao Dan tie up one regiment, don't know as well to is dead to live. The leaf the jade tiger chest air has been already exerted, the lung department bulge must almost open crack, lake water flows out to go into from the his nose, mouth cavity, the double eye circle stares also and sees not pure what things and has already started seeing thing Michael Jordan North Carolina Jersey, he feels himself medium at present one dark, and then a little bit order ray of light at the flicker, seem to draw on oneself to go in-this is the early sign that will soon die. "The camping kills two students, that I am affirmative the load perhaps still need to squat down a jail since the responsibility.The teacher isn't become."Fear to the future prospects and to the worrying of student life and death peace or chaos, Liao learns a soldier to suddenly break out a potential and separates two students and get all alone a , double feet hasty Deng, the lake noodles of the top of head reflects again blue and then white of radiant color.Leaf jade tiger and shell Xiao the Dan don't know where come of begging and livinging desire, tightly hold tight him, make him can not freely ascend to float. Old Liao's breathing also about runs out, the in the mind is anxious, and two eyes start to be dim-sighted.This meeting he can no longer think that four meters that the student association takes life to play trick to tease himself/herself, lake bottom and lake noodles be apart from it's unexpectedly so faraway, mama of! Liao learns a soldier to deeply take a suck at spirit Michael Jordan Unc Jersey, the action of this habitual makes him absorb one mouthful very big lake water, the heart seems to to explode out, Pa of a , the nasal cavity leaks out a blood and mix with lake water a cake of. The super strong explosion dint finally produces result at this time, Liao learns once soldier's legs leap and seem to bring endless endless strength and grasp two students to rush out a surface. It is other the classmates doing not already worry to all surround to take two unlucky ghosts to visit near the bank for teacher. 2 people lie on the coast neither dead nor alive, Chen You Nian dark way 1:" Tiger, I am sorry."Shine on at first to that sort in Li Yu as usual BE.The girls are quickly also rescuing shell Xiao Dan. "What a guy, almost take life here."Old Liao shouts that Chi shouts that the Chi ground breathes heavily thick spirit, the facial expression is again green and then white, touch a small belly way:"Drink so satisfiedly, dinner need not ate." Owner all at round a leaf jade tiger and shell Xiao Dan, only the Mu permits blue one face falling to dash away to come over, grasping his hand be worried that the ground asks:"Teacher, you are all right?I just frightened ……" Jade tiger 2 people of leaf on the whole long come to turn, as if the clone of story in Li Yu, seem to rewind back 15 minutes ago, he opened eyes, Chen You Nian's that spoony Zi's mouth presses on own mouth. The leaf jade tiger weakly pushes away him and is suffused with a tears flower in the eye:"My beginning kissed and then finished so …… I later how keep on living ……" misses the whole teacher Liao, finally anti- be saved one life by him, the leaf jade tiger was sad and felt lucky again Paul Pierce Kansas Jersey, "luckily just D Liu Jing stung by conscience, didn't take the teacher to the far place.Otherwise I lived in vain for these 16 years." Old Liao says:"I see 2 people how."The Fu body lies prone on the shell Xiao Dan to side inspect.A girl then at help according to press. Qiao it again Qiao, the shell Xiao Dan just opened eyes, reflecting into the brain is that misgiving but anxious face of old Liao.When proper talent condition was urgent, shell Xiao Dan before sinking into brief obfuscation, discover that a personal shadow visits toward oneself and knows the strong arm that feels own, the host of spacious chest are nearby Liao to learn a soldier, see his Fu at this time also thinking that he carried on artificial respiration to he and appreciated and shy, puzzling emotion in mind spreads. "Since was free good, everyone didn't want to descend to visit, all go ashore come, the time is late, the sun soon fell mountain and prepared dinner." The many people didn't personally experience Vince Carter Unc Jersey, not know that the underwater saves the person's difficulty, also not understand them at that time have much dangerous, felt this however was the duty that the teacher should exert, went ashore to tidy up thing in succession. The Mu permits blue fall is a swimming game top ten, usually swim at ordinary times, have over fall into water be saved of example, know this among them dangerous, looking at old Liao heart way:"The teacher is so thin, will have so big energy to save two people at the same time, too fantastic."It is full of to admire in the eye of young girl. She seems to be suddenly to think of what matter, picked up packet to wrap on the pool, turn over to make moves machine, inspect the message of inside, it is what half Anne in week inside the hour deliver to come to have 3.Article 1:"At 5:11, four eyes secretively have already come to turn over teacher Liao's baggage to walk."Article 2:"At 5:20, the tent that receives a soldier to drill into teacher Liao doesn't know to make what ghost."Article 3:"At 5:32, close Mu cloud to come to check in."She makes a phone call to Anne in week right away:"Little Anne, you don't want to take care of them what taste, check to wrap up for a while for teacher." The telephone is the voice that spreads to know to know Suo Suo, week Anne has already been checking, "the Mu permit, they put small nail in teacher Liao's sleeping bag." "Is so vicious, should receive soldier stem, all pick up out.""The Mu permits, they are in teacher Liao's pants Sa the powder of Yang Yang." The Mu permits blue fall to present in the brain an old Liao comes to Nao in that place Nao of situation, the face one flies red, "throw pants for teacher." "!The teacher look like only a pants that changes to wash, have the words throwing never got to wear and scold in case of him how I do?""Ignoring first is so many, don't make him know." It is converse to complete Zion Williamson Duke Jersey, return to encampment together along with the teacher with the classmates. Everyone drills into a tent and changes swimsuit swim trunks of the dripping wets, turns over and seeks in old Liao's experienced bag and sends out a burst of rant:"Which unscrupulous ghost steal my pants!Mama of, this is to do silly for fun in the home, meeting human life of!"Heart in full isn't a taste:The pants that stole a female kid before, at present it's oneself's pants' turn to be stolen …… The students all steal to smile in the Yan mouth. The Cui government quickly finds out four eyes:"Feed, I let you the Sa Yang Yang powder, do you take away teacher Liao's pants why?You are also similar to Chen You Nian to have that kind of Pi good?" Four eyes repeatedly put a hand:"I clearly shone on what you said to do ah, who know how he made." Cui government:"Have inside the ghost?" They are still each other guessing, the wired person comes to news through a cellular phone hair:"It is a week Anne to do." The Cui government is very furious, hate a way:"Return to make people die the safety hit in week behind!" "BE BE, I early see Anne in week with a revolting feeling, the Mu permits blue fall also even if, he has what skill heel our Dou?" Liao learns soldier's time to look for to disappear pants, helpless have to make change a plump tour of shorts, cut apart and spread the body parts around the fish snaring, pare off a scale Sai, cut into a piece, preserve~ in salt with the silk, spring onion segment and table salt, monosodium glutamate and wine, week of order Anne boils water. The girls then take to shampoo water and bathed the view that dew and cosmetics avert from a boy to find out the place being held up by the megalith to wash a Zao. The fish soup is still so delicious, make the thing that other classmates cook gloomy to disgrace.There are some classmates also snaring fish in the afternoon, but cook old Liao of heel completely isn't a file time.In order to going fishing leaf jade tiger and shell Xiao Dan all beside, he then invites that of the member come to eat together.Four fishes, altogether 10 catties order more, there is moreover also chicken soup, go together with up Chu Xia, Chen You Nian, Li Wei find out of mushroom, fresh beautiful matchless.

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