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    Old Liao's in power not Rao person, a Ye lives Li Yu in, choke his neck.The guy air that thinks that the scheme harms a person is completely pushed out, chest's being like is pressed a piece of megalith, the brain starts anoxia, and eyes Venus emits indiscriminately.The Mu permits blue fall to dive to at the right moment approach them, see the arm that Li Yu moderate a teacher to twist together and at that moment can not consider of angry, hurriedly pick up teacher upwards drag along. "This small girl swims how be familiar with so, mama of, be again played."The lake noodles is a burst of to rush toward Teng, Liao learns soldier, Li Yu in, the Mu permit blue fall to float a surface at the same time. The Mu permits blue the Huang falling air hotfoot trail their dynasty near the bank to visit.Liao learns soldier's leave to make a facial expression Wei and softly depends back at her:"Is very soft and, ha ha, I became rich." Liao learns soldier Li Yu in to once the pool throw James Harden Arizona State Jersey, this unlucky guy turns over cold stare, belly stomach Gao Gao summons up, didn't know to drink how much saliva.Chen You Nian already whole pack due-out on the side, see swoon unexpectedly is in Li Yu, not from big is shocked, hurriedly display first-aid methods, have the rhythm ground the chest for pressing him, mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration. The leaf jade tiger waits one stem the person was all foolish to live:"This, this how may?Want to fix somebody in swimming champion Li Yu, does oneself on the contrary almost drown in Shui-li?Seem teacher Liao to still save him to come up?"A lot of questions the Hun can not solve in their heart, the only big eye stares a small eye, opposite wry smile. Water slowly from his corner of mouth run off, breath start to be even slow many, slowly open a pair of eyes in Li Yu, sees Chen You Nian kiss and lick on own lips, smelly very of the breathing spray to come out, he seemed to see what world the most terrible scene, bellow a , with sudden force push away Chen You Nian, lie prone on the by the lake to vomit. Chen You Nian is pushed a Lie Ju Jimmy Butler Marquette Jersey, the injustice ground calls a way:"Feed, your this person how so?" Liao learns a soldier to pull a long face to say:"In Li Yu, just was Chen You Nian's classmate to do regardless of personal safety ground to save you, you how can a little courtesy all have no?It is quick to apologize to Chen You Nian's classmate." The energy that was very not easy to resume 30% in Li Yu is just understand in the artificial respiration, heart way:"Although is a little bit disgusted, somehow is that he saves my one life ……" how how ground the station rise and suddenly see Chen You Nian is licking lips, immediately Xuan ground in the sky turns and shouts loudly a way:"My beginning kisseses!Have no so!"Run dynasty encampment to run. The Cui government doesn't believe that teacher Liao can put together in Shui-li lead and swim a champion, imagine in Li Yu settle is be subjected to what fight, exertion disorder, just cause such end, think of the shape that kisses in Chen You Nian and Li Yu, also can not help shivering and surprised Kemba Walker Uconn Jersey, Tu rise the whole body chicken skin pimple.The leaf jade tiger silently walks to Su to fly Hong, soft-voiced way:"Fly Hong, you lead to open Mu to permit blue fall, make the panda quiet again to seduce a teacher, how?"Su flies Hong just at and together constitute member to put a parasol to prepare to take a sunbathe on the pool and hum 1:"The matter that didn't remunerate I don't think stem.""How are 200 pieces?"The leaf jade tiger stretches out two fingers."Go away, since departure vexed I.""That what do you still want?" "I want Lancome perfume, the abyss of time miracle is that series, if you agree and then clinch a deal.""The abyss of time miracle wants 600 many!You are still not equal to to rob, again say I haven't sent perfume to the girl lead, you can not deprive my first time."Leaf the jade tiger isn't very great, if not that shell Xiao Dan all day long and oneself together, the Mu permits blue fall to arouse suspicion, he just can't beg this dead woman. "If you would like to of words Kevin Durant Texas Jersey, I cooperate with you, and not only is this time."Su flies Hong to jilt hair. "Clinch a deal, underneath we come to discuss a follow-up step again ……" leaf the jade tiger gather together her ear several low languages. Someone carries on the shoulder atmosphere mat and floats lazy ocean ocean ground on the lake noodles to take a sunbathe, someone wore to dive a mirror full of beansly drill ascend drill bottom, green jade wave one in the lake calmness peaceful."The Mu permits, the Mu permits!"Su flies Hong to to lake yell, the Mu permits blue fall to float a surface, say:"What matter?" "You come over for a while."Su flies Hong to say with smile.The Mu permits blue fall also ashamed pack again can't swim, learn a soldier to say to Liao:"Teacher, someone calls I, you wait me for a while, I go to and come right away." "The Mu permits, we come to heap the sand play not very good?"The Mu permits blue fall finally still 16-year-old kid's disposition, how expect Su to fly the Hong sold her for the sake of a bottle of perfume, "the sand here well delicate, have never thought there is still so good sandy beach in a fresh water lake of commonness.Have you already taken spade son to come?""Be free, is Wang Long digging."Su flies Hong to say.Athletics member of committee, hero, Wang Long, and He Lian of the football game just pushes aside a moist sand with the hands, the nail fills up sediment, the pain can not be and smell a speech title wry smile for a while, immediately after continue again dry live:"My his mama of how so be like a dog!" Before long plane an a heap of sand, the Mu permits blue fall to say:"Let's make teacher Liao also come over to have fun together.""!"Su flies Hong a surprised, teacher Liao exactly what sorcery be fond of a girl who so revolts so?The favour says with smile:"Wait our heap the fortress call again teacher Liao, give him surprise.""Like, be so, we don't show teacher." The Mu permits blue fall a to leave Kyrie Irving Duke Jersey, Liao learns a soldier and is looking for the target that can "guidance", Anne pure pure and unadulterated and she that helps the female the companion to play water and easily gathers together not to go in;The shell Xiao Dan nearby has the leaf jade tiger to cast covetous eyes on to looking at, can not put a hand;The Chen Zhi Hui and moxa purple Ying leaves oneself too far, the words suddenly closing to will arouse a doubt. "Teacher, teacher ……" someone calls, Liao learns a soldier a pleased, impressively sit in class at the D of the first row Liu Jing, old Liao to she that solid white the small pants is that the memory is still new, doesn't feel lower abdomen one regiment fire Teng Teng but rise. "The D Liu Jing's classmate, what matter?"Old Liao kind and genially says "hello" to her. Of D is quiet dynasty old Liao visit to go and visit half, suddenly struggle:"Alas!!My feet twitched!"The hands fluster taps water, seeing will sink.Liao learns soldier's favour to visit toward her and pulls her. D Liu Jing tightly embraces Liao to learn a soldier Larry Bird Indiana State Jersey, the Qie idea of face didn't go, chest two regiments just developed mature meat to stick his arm, and the thigh also tied up to ascend his body like eight claw fishes.Don't know to is to have intention to or have no intention of, have been being touching old Liao's private parts. Old Liao although drive so the contact rub and be used as an adult, he enough settles dint to promise he to bring shame, but suppress very sufferedly and wonders, "have cheapness not to have white not to have."The affectation protects D Liu Jing, one hands are old to touch around in the girl's chest. The Cui government lets go of telescope and sighs a way:"Teacher Liao still really has love affairs." Wu Chun Xing is also a member of Cui government group, the Jue wears a mouth to say:"Hum, you still make me go to and checked body for teacher last time ……" The Cui government starts to grasp her to masturbate to say with smile:"Change to do me to come to check body for you now." D's calming down next capital isn't it may be said not enough, pants noisily to say:"Teacher, takes me to arrive coast, I want to take a break."The teacher's private parts has already started inflating, the crest wears her confused and hysterical, cannot insist any further, heart way:"The form master of last time teacher Zhuo, in Li Yu they severals dress up as to expose a body wildly to take off pants in teacher's in front, I finally the comprehension sacrifice the sex appeal was how wretched ……" Old Liao eats bean curd small action and make D Be quiet to be full of abhorrence to this porn teacher, the hasty desire goes ashore to get away from:"Teacher, I was all right, I visited to go ashore and then go by myself." "Yi, the panda is quiet how visit back again?Just and clearly say very clearly, foolish a little bit long of ah."The leaf jade tiger surprisedly says that" so how can our plans complete?, Small Dan!"Just from say from the words, sees shell Xiao Dan with previous D Liu Jing generally at surface the flounder is disorderly to dance, Zhang Huang Di shouts:"I, I twitched!Blare ……"behind this but is consumedly swallowed one mouthful water. The leaf jade tiger gets a shock and right away and courageously rises spirit to visit Dan toward the shell Xiao, the shell Xiao Dan fluster not already and tightly the hoop wears his neck, the double feet kick indiscriminately.He swims level with have stiller in Li Yu an of the distance is been drowned by one a cent not thing south the person of the north tightly hold tight and temporarily display not to open and basically can not row water, 2 people toghter sink into lake bottom.

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