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    Finally waiting until Anne is purely pure, Cui government breath is of one Zhi, that pick Gao may compare a mold especially of shape, lovely curve, the chest size slightly shows shortage, besides which, good enough to call ascend perfect. Liao learns soldier's eyes Zheng as if must copper bell, fear to miss each detail, these live a color to living a fragrant scene a put at at present, the half hides half Yan and want to draw on a person than the yellow small movie many.Originally the youth can embody like this, don't waste to camp once, the next time suggests the seaside like, let the girls all put on Bikini. Leaf the jade tiger is as early as to hold breath to stare at shell Xiao of Dan, this small girl is really enough slender, a few ribs line up faintly discernable. Wu Chun Xing walks to the Cui government at present Anthony Davis Kentucky Jersey, bashfully say:" Government, do I wear not very good-lookingly?" Cui government in the mind the positive antinomy write:A female kid means an attitude like this while the eyes of the masses aring fixed on and biggest satisfied own vanity, but certanly will will lower the image of the purely pure heart at Anne so, exactly should answer her words?He the Chi Chu is hesitant, Wu Chun Xing has already pulled his hand to say with smile:"Leave, we swim together."Far view can not the Xie play of fairy and send to come of common girl, actually who better?How to say to still in the moment come really, the small Cui classmate makes a firm decision and says:"Okay."The in the mind says at the same time:"Do not, my small purely pure, do not, take charge of Tu thunder to ascend." Old Liao thinks he or she still needs to be used as the teacher's example, don't dare to see more that one dazzling body, look beyond vision in distance, so making is self-contained. He this of the Mu permit blue fall, Chen Zhi Hui and moxa the purple Ying drill a tent respectively, a body the all such Jiao is beautiful, old Liao secretly whispers ∶ to hold your mama of, this not is hold a mold the big match is especially?A senior high school student how develop so good. The Mu permits blue fall to wear a blue of connect a body swimsuit, the chest stretches tight tightly, the spider tatoo of better arm particularly stabs an eye and just took off the feet Ya of small skin Xue fair and tender;Chen Zhi Hui unties a horsetail plait aweather and allows long hair shawl Ben Simmons Lsu Jersey, sweetly the Qiao smiles, brilliant;The moxa purple Ying is also hot brave, she is to have already counted several one of the girls who dare to wear a Bikini swimsuit, a short moment the boys nosebleed flowed 1 ground.The Mu permits blue fell to lift a packet to wrap, in put camera, cellular phone and comb, mirror and handkerchief. From the encampment along the by the lake runs about and turned one curved, cross Liu Lin Po, hears Hua of water current impact voice, in the moment become clear suddenly, the megalith of Lin Xun, the mountain brook of the flowing water of Chan Chan, most wonderful of is in facing 45 meters high overhanging cliff in the lake, a breadth about three meters many rushing current surging but bottom, infusion inside the lake, start to splash without results a wave flower. Even acrossing is farther and then can feel damp fog spirit, the setting sun is above inclined, mapping together gorgeous rainbow in the cascade at this time.Everyone is that the surprise ground call and take out a camera choice in succession angle to take.Liao learns a soldier to in front choose that a piece of outstanding megalith jumps into lake and starts to clap a large water flower."There are probably deep two meterses here, can't swim of don't come over, there is probably one meter five or so, the lake bottom is very flat, there are no water grass deadwood and glass, everyone takes to visit here, don't go to far.Cui government, you and leaf the jade tiger is responsible for everyone's safety." Now that the teacher order Carmelo Anthony Syracuse Jersey, the Cui government cans not refuse, either, he is the responsibility that the leader of class has to have leader of class, say to several girls who can't swim:"You are all concentrated in the by the lake here, don't walk too far."So many beauties, Liao learns a soldier to regardless choose to approach which, certanly will give up one forest for a tree, this is just went back and forth to acquire fun in the beauties of he not the wish saw of, say with smile:"Can't swim of say a , I teach him.Teacher past but win sea City of frog Yong prince!" "Pei, again braggart, always think that the square tries to say himself or herself so good."The many people doesn't buy his Zhang. Liao learns a soldier a person alone to call in the lake:"Come, I will teach you into the world class swimming champion!"A lot of people looking at him to be like to looking at simpleton. More than ten boys toghter jump into Shui-li:"Teacher, wants to be not we come to field swimming game." "Teacher, you teach me how to swim not very good?I not too will."One is coy of the voice ring out, public twist a head to see go, incredibly is a Mu to permit blue fall.The this class inside is most fierce pretty spiteful girl, finally want to make moves to deal with a teacher?Want to know last semester, she is student's sports games in the city to swim the top ten of big match. Everyone enters water in succession and clamors one in lake.The Cui government lends the name of safety to want to sponge on the girls, helpless Wu Chun Xing always heel at he is nearby:" Government, do you see my posture positive inaccuracy?""O.K., a little bit jack up the point to the head Derrick Rose Memphis Jersey."Separated for several minutes, " government, for me hand for a while, I always will sink." Just in a short while going to school will act in pettish ……last time in the swimming pool how did I see you visiting so a joys?Cui government a wave hand:"Go to shallow water and visit, sank and then by foot stand firm."Do not bother Lao Tze to get in touch with beautiful girl's skin is true.Have some swimmings to go to deep place and loudly appeal to the public than the stronger classmate small call:", Water here is very fresh and cool!Have shell!Might it not be here is thou bottom of sea?"Leaf it appear that jade tiger in the middle of the life the most happy day, the shell Xiao Dan tightly grasps in his hand and lend some buoyancy the glide is in the water, he then continuously consolation:"The small Dan relaxs a point, don't be afraid and have me."The everyone has fun to heart's content and then have no again make the vision learning a soldier the body concern at Liao up. "The Mu permits blue fall Gordon Hayward Butler Jersey, the feet should swing like this."Liao learns big sweat ground of full head of soldier instruction, where know that the Mu permits blue fall an in the mind have been already smiled to turn over:"The teacher is still true stupid."The Cui government dynasty beat an expression of eyes in Li Yu, the latter understood and silently closed to Liao to learn a soldier then sneaked in water bottom. "Oh!Have frogman!"Liao learns a soldier to suddenly dance and stamp to rush toward Teng to get up, " Helpses!" "?How?"The Mu permits blue fall to frightened to disgrace. Liao learns a soldier to fiercely sink into water Ja Morant Murray State Jersey.The mishap of this abnormality draws on of everyone's attention.Several individuals want to swim across to rescue, drive leaf the jade tiger blocked:"Li Yu in in the underneath." The Mu permits blue fall the top ten that is a sports games to swim item woman set, in Li Yu then the champion of man's team, swimming the technical ability appear lost in thought go into turn, can in Shui-li long short of breath three minutes.Allow you to blow into "frog Yong prince", how also the impossible enemy once got the champion of this quality goods at reasonable prices? The leaf jade tiger has already been fantasizing to connect down the scene of possible occurrence and says to Chen You Nian:"Spoony Zi waits to descend you to help the teacher the artificial respiration.""Is all right, I will go all out and try very hard to rescue teacher Liao." Cui government heart way:"Hey Hey, affirmation would not° until is whole you drink satisfied water make you come up." The Mu permits blue fall wreath to attend to on all sides, cold stared at a few suspicious boys one eye, also follow to sneak in Shui-li. They the lake noodles of the place approximately 34 meters are deep, Liao learned to deeply suppress an one breath before soldier sink and opened eyes in pure Shui-li, and sees a dark shadow grasping own ankle to downwards pull.Old Liao sneers at:"Think to be whole I?Don't know I in childhood be grew up by the side of water of?What strong wind haven't the surge seen?" He pretends to be rattled and tries very hard to a flounder and quickly rows hands Qian toward this dark shadow."Mama of, is in Li Yu?Wanting to play me can have no so easily." 2 people are already to twist in a cake of, Liao learns soldier Zha to make flurried unbearable, hand and foot disorderly Zheng, the bubble a chain ofly and with an upward exposure flows out.Pleased way in Li Yu:"The teacher is really a novice, that can don't blame me."The head that presses down him puts out strength to downwards press.His time chokes very quasi-ly and intends just making the teacher get up after a minute. Is just satisfied of, a record an elbow malicious bump to oneself's temple, even if the aquatic buoyancy offsetted half strength, still felt in Li Yu the brain border Be a burst of to faint Xuan, his Nu get up:"Teacher dare the also approaching death flounder not infuse you to the lung to split me and then isn't Lee!"

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